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Take Good Care Of Him.....

Jrockers- Good Homes Needed

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Here you have basically another claiming community. :D
NEW!! I was about to ask if we were allowed to adopt jpop people too. then I remembered it was my community. so from now on You may also adopt jpop people too


1. 5 claims per post, with a max. of 2 posts per day
2. No hurting your pets!
3. You are allowed you share your j-rockers, but please ask the current owner first. You need their permission!
4. Feel free to post about how your pet is doing, etc.
5. Please don't claim more than 3 members of a band unless you're willing to share them
6. Making a banner/icon/etc will get you another claim, but no more than 2 extra claims a day. Also, please don't throw together 2 minute banners just to get more claims. >/
7. Please post the name of you jrocker and the band they are from in your user info (with perhaps a banner linking us).
8. If there is a member of a band that is also in a solo projet, you may claim that member as a soloist.
Ex- hide is taken from X Japan, but he is still claimable from: Zilch, Spread Beaver, AND as a solist.

More stuff may be added here when we're a little more established x3

-Uhm... others prolly, but I dunno them (yoshito). o_o

Any questions, or whatever, you can ask one of us. ;]


Here are some banners that I made to actually serve the purpose of showing you're a member. You're welcome to direct link them. Please put them in yer user profile, with this code. Oh, and don't forget to replace the "[ ]" with "< >":
[a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/jrock_petshop/"][img src="PLACE URL OF DESIRED BANNER HERE"][/a]

Also... I can make you a custom icon and/or banner that says something along the lines of, "I claimed ______"
Here's an example, the banner I made myself for Kikasa:

-Just drop yoshito a comment. <3


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